Japan's first! Announcement of the start of recruitment for the first project of participatory real estate crowdfunding


We have started the real estate investment crowdfunding “REVADD” service based on the Real Estate Specified Joint Business Act (hereinafter referred to as “non-special law”), opened a dedicated site and started soliciting the first project.

"REVADD" is an abbreviation for Real Estate Value ADD, which means adding new value to real estate.

■ Participatory features

■Why do we start real estate crowdfunding from a participatory approach?

We view the real estate investment industry as follows.
<Past real estate investment industry>

In such an industry, our company is aiming for participatory crowdfunding, such as disclosing information so that investors can make their own decisions and express their opinions on real estate renovations.

■ Future prospects

Of the 2,100 trillion yen in personal financial assets, cash and deposits remain at about 1,100 trillion yen.The government has also decided on a plan for doubling asset income and fostering startups (emerging companies) at the "New Capitalism Realization Conference". Together with those who are just starting out, we will contribute to the expansion of financial asset income through real estate crowdfunding.

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