Notice of provision of solar power generation business advisory services to Ricoh Leasing Co., Ltd.


The Company (Rays Co., Ltd.) has established Ricoh Lease Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Ricoh Lease) as an asset management trustee, and Tokyu Land Corporation (hereafter, Tokyu Land Corporation) as a special purpose company, Swimmy Limited Liability Company (hereafter, this SPC). ) has provided Ricoh Leasing with advisory services for the solar power generation business.

This SPC plans to operate a low-voltage non-fitting solar power generation business, and Ricoh Leasing will be contracted to operate approximately 150 sites of low-voltage solar power plants to be constructed in the future.The contract was concluded as a result of the Company's advice to Ricoh Leasing.

As self-investment, asset management, and advisory services, we have accumulated a cumulative total of about 880 MW (DC size) and a total project cost of about 1,400 billion yen (March 2023, 3) for special high-voltage fit projects in the solar power generation and biomass power generation businesses. date).In the future, we will utilize our knowledge based on our track record and experience in special high-voltage fitted projects to promote the low-voltage non-fitted solar power generation business as a new business, thereby actively reducing the discharge effect gas for a decarbonized society. We will continue to work on it.

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