Inbound Business

First, we will visit the facility.

Operation of the elderly home and care service can best be understood by observing the elderly home first hand. 



Preliminary Assessment Expeditious Preparation

We will not spend long hours reviewing operations in a detailed manner.  Our staff who has long experience in this industry can give advice after understanding the current operation.



Current Market Trends

Inbound visitors to Japan are expected to increase 1.6 times over the next 10 years or 13.4 million visitors per year.  The pressing issue now is shortage of hotel rooms.  Especially in central Tokyo and Osaka where occupancy rates are over 80% and room rates are increasing so it is increasingly difficult to reserve a room.


With an estimated 250,000 visitors for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the problem with the lack of hotel rooms will become more acute.   We plan to support increasing hotel room supply by the acquisition of existing and developing new hotels.



■Trend of inbound visitors and number of hotel rooms

Inbound visitors : Japan National Tourist Organization report of inbound visitors by year

Number of hotel rooms :  Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare List of Statistical Surveys



Our Strengths

1.  Experience and knowledge of hotel investments

Our team has experience in performing hotel due diligence and feasibility study along with experience in turnaround of full service hotels.


2.  Extensive network with hotel operators

With our relationships with various hotel operators, we can provide synergistic opportunities.


3.  Speedy and flexible actions

As inbound business is a niche sector and the market Is not fully formed, large players have not entered this market. We see a business chance for GIA as an independent player.