Investment policy


We are a renewable energy asset,
Real estate consulting and
As an asset management company,
An increase in social needs is expected, and
The renewable energy industry, which is expected to expand,
and with the real estate industry
Playing the role of a pipe connecting financial and capital markets
I will carry it on.

(Environment Friendly)”

To renewable energy power plants and real estate

By continuously investing and operating,
We will maintain and operate it to promote new supply.
This will enable us to generate excellent renewable energy
assets, sustainable real estate assets
Stack up speedily,
Japan's No. 2030 renewable energy power generation by XNUMX,
We aim to become a professional management company for sustainable real estate.

REIJ Co., Ltd.

Our assets

Investment target

Investment policy

  • 1
  • We aim to be a complete financial product.
  • Based on the fixed price purchase system guaranteed by the Japanese government,
    Credit (credit) from financial institutions
    Becoming an excellent EPC (construction) and OM (management) company
    By guaranteeing output for 20 years,
    We design safer products.
  • 2
  • Make the most of the investors with whom you have a strong relationship
    speedy renewable energy
    Assets such as (development, power sold)
    Stack up.
  • 3
  • We will concentrate on collecting renewable energy projects that are already in operation and have started selling electricity.
  • Currently in the solar power plant market
    1MW to 2MW size that is already in operation with electricity sales income
    There are many power plants.
    Until now, institutional investors have
    tend not to pay attention.
    The Company will not use its own funds or new sponsors
    use and pool funds,
    As a project with a size of 10 MW or more (40 billion yen or more),
    The plan is to sell it to an institutional investor.

Renewable energy power plants and real estate
In many cases, an investment scheme that establishes an SPC (special purpose vehicle) is constructed.
During the entire period from the investment scheme review stage to the end of investment
Work with experts in tax and legal affairs to address complex and diverse investor-specific issues
We provide solutions speedily.
In addition, renewable energy power plants have grown over the years.
Due to equipment malfunction, natural disaster, etc.
Events that lead to the loss of investor profits are on the rise.
Not limited to fund management, the renewable energy industry and real estate industry cultivated so far
Utilizing the network, we can respond and solve those issues speedily,
Contributes to maximizing investor profits.

ESG investment approach

  • 1
  • Utilization of abundant knowledge of real estate investment
  • Our real estate appraisers use our wealth of knowledge to solve the complexities of real estate interests that investors and PV developers are struggling with.
  • 2
  • Expertise in PV investment
  • We will utilize domestic and foreign human resources with a proven track record in solar power generation investment to make appropriate and prompt investment decisions and asset management.
  • 3
  • Speedy closing that can utilize the funds of many institutional investors including overseas investors
  • Based on strong relationships of trust with investors from around the world, speedy closing and asset accumulation are possible.
  • 4
  • Rich track records and thick pipeline
  • We have a track record of investment execution of 200 MW (a little less than 700 billion yen as AUM) and a 200 MW solar pipeline on a contract basis. *As of March 2022, 3.Includes past achievements and forest land development applications pending.
  • 5
  • Challenge to new real estate related business
  • We are working on new real estate related businesses such as sustainable real estate and real estate revitalization.

REIJ's Credo / Code of Conduct that Supports Strengths

  • 1
  • Have Ownership.
  • 2
  • Has problem-solving ability.
  • 3
  • Move to Speedy.
  • 4
  • Complete.
  • 5
  • Keep the deadline.

Investment target

  •  Region 
  • Japan
  •  Target 
  • Solar power
    Biomass power generation
    Geothermal power generation
    Wind-power generation
    Other sustainable real estate
  • Investment form
  • Common stock, preferred stock, silent partnership investment, mezzanine loan, etc. (some need to be dealt with under the Money Lending Business Act)
  • Investment target
    Key Points
  • Analysis of stable cash flow
    Sustainability, regulation, competitiveness, barriers to entry, compliance, market size, future demand, technological advantage, life cycle

ESG investment approach

  • 1
  • Utilization of abundant knowledge of real estate investment
  • Our real estate appraisers use our wealth of knowledge to solve the complexities of real estate interests that investors and PV developers are struggling with.
  • 2
  • Integrate ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) Factors
  • Identify investment opportunities and risks by proactively considering ESG standards along with financial analysis in the investment process.
  • 3
  • Negative screening
  • We will intentionally avoid investment targets that generate income from businesses, sectors or regions that we believe have significant environmental or social risks or negative impacts from a public, social justice or humanitarian perspective.